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About Bouquet Styles
Most Bridal Bouquets come in a holder! These days it is also popular to have the stems showing and just have a bow around the bottom. Some times the stems are wrapped with ribbon and for a fancier look, even a French Knot can be done. It is all a matter of your preference. Obviously if the flowers are in some kind of holder they can also be kept wet which will make them last longer. It also makes it easier for the bride to hold. Below we want to show you the look you would get with whatever way you might choose to go. 

Shapes of Bouquets


Arm or Hand Held!
(Clutch or Presentation Style)




With Stems

In A Holder

The Tussie Mussie!
These come in a variety of materials. Silver and Porcelain are very popular. They are a nice souvenir to keep after your wedding and they also make a nice gift for your bridesmaids.

This is a Porcelain Tussie Mussie with a matching holder for display on your reception table or in your curio cabinet later on! They are really quite beautiful. Keep in mind that you can only do a fairly small arrangement in them.

This is a 2 Dozen all Rose Bouquet with no greens and no filler. It has stems so it is not in a holder. It is the green ribbon on this bouquet that makes it happen! A bouquet like this is actually quite heavy to hold.



Shown here is a hand tied with beautiful french knotting. This is an off white Grograin Ribbon.

Click here to see it larger.


Here we show a style of handtied with ti leaves as a backing.This one is tied with a sage green ribbon.


Hand Tied does
cost a little more!

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