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The ever important wedding flowers!

If you are coming to Maui for your wedding you will definitely need to have the traditional wedding flowers. We suggest at least a bouquet and a boutonniere as well if the groom is wearing a suit or tuxedo. You will probably want a couple of leis for the traditional leis exchange that is done by most of the ministers here as well.

One of the most popular photos taken at a Maui wedding is the heart in the sand. Without a bouquet it would look incomplete. As you will notice in most of the following photos, they would be missing something without the flowers.

It is usually best to choose a style and color scheme and then just let us do our thing. You may also send us a clipping from a magazine or a picture of something you like and we can usually duplicate it with no problem.

Some flowers are difficult to get in Maui such as Lilies Of The Valley and Lilacs. Others are seasonal such as Stephanotis and Tulips. At the current time Seeded Eucalyptus is not being let into Hawaii by the Agriculture Dept. so we use a substitution for it. If your order is place far enough in advance we can check with the growers and try to get what you want. Sometimes special orders can cost you more. Often we can substitute something similar of the same color at no extra cost. Hand tied bouquets that are wrapped with ribbon run about $10 to $20 extra.

Keep in mind that it takes time to make these Bouquets. Some flowers have to be wired and some last longer than others. Anytime you feel that you would like to speak with us just give us a call at the toll free number below or email us. All wedding flowers will be delivered to your Hotel of Resort a few hours prior to your wedding start time for freshness.

The perfect wedding bouquet is the one that you want!



Here you see a Cascading Bouquet made with Calla Lilys ad Bear Grass. The one on the left is Burgundy Callas and on the right we used Lavendar Calla Lilys. Both are gorgeous bouquets. We also do a Boutonniere to match. Anything with Calla Lilys is a bit more expensive.

Price: $185


 This is a small cascade in Burgundy and White. In front of the Bride's maids dress it was absolutely fabulous as you can see. The Bride put an all Burgundy Calla Lily Bouquet (like the one above) in front of her white dress. It was very beautiful.

Small Calla Cascade $155


This Bouquet is clean and classy! These are Flame Calla Lilys.

Price: $185



Here we have Calla Lilys again but mixed with a lot of color and texture. If you click on the picture you can see an enlargement which will give you an idea of the different flowers that were used. This was an amazing bouquet!


This is a Large Cascade made with two toned Calla Lilys, Pink Wax Flower, Burgundy Cymbidium Orchids and Bear Grass. It is very special.

Price: $185.00


Designer Bouquets For Your Maui Wedding!
Below you will see our designer collection. The difference between a designer bouquet and a standard arrangement is the little extra touches that are added by our top designer. For example the designer can take extra time to cover the holder with greenery. Each and every flower has to be prepared before going into the arrangement so that your bouquet will last! It has to survive the heat, sun, wind and many poses for your photographer as well. Your bouquet can be embellished with pearl pins added to the stems. Instead of just being hand tied they can be done with spiral stems. Much more time and effort is spent to make you the perfect bouquet for the perfect wedding! Special requests are also taken!


This was a special order we did for a bride that used to live in Hawaii. She knew her Hawaiian flowers. It was made with Protea and Antherium. It had stems and was wrapped with a moss green ribbon. This bouquet was very unique and beautiful for a wedding in Hawaii. It is also available in white. It looks like one large flower but it is made with two different flowers.

Price: $100



This is a Tropical Cascade. The bright colors really photograph well. This bouquet is made with orange Pin Cushion Protea, Oncidium Orchids (popcorn orchid), and the larger Orchids are Cymbidiums.

Price: $185

This is our latest creation and we think one of our best! It can be done in a variety of colors and with or without greens.

  It is made by inserting a Rose into the Calla Lily. It is quite elegant as well as unique. This makes a nice arm held bouquet.

This is a large round bouquet made with mostly green Cymbidium Orchids, Gardenias and Italian Ruskus. It was very pretty. She wore a Gardenia Hair Flower to match.

Price: $155

This is gorgeous!
It is our most popular bouquet!

Price: Large Tropical - $165
Medium Tropical - $145


This is a Nosegay with bright Tropicals and Blue Iris! The white Gardenia makes the color just pop out at you! It also has a wonderful fragrance.

This is another version of a Bright Tropical Nosegay. Click on photo to see an enlargement! Use back button to return!

This is an absolutely fabulous 2 Dozen all Red Rose Bouquet with Seeded Eucalyptus and Pepperberry. It is one of our favorites. Be sure to let us know when ordering if you want it hand tied or in a holder, with or without filler (greens etc....).

Price: $165
Hand Tied: $175



This is the same as the above with White Roses and Seeded Eucalyptus. This bouquet is in a holder.

Price: $165

Shown here is an all Red Rose Cascade with Baby's Breath and some greens. It has about 2 Dozen Roses in it.

Price: $195



Click photo to see enlargement!
This is an all Rose Nosegay, shown here with greens and Baby's Breath for a softer look. It can be done in a holder or with stems and a bow as shown.   This is a Nosegay made with Pink Roses, White Oriental Lilies and Orchids. Price: $105.00   This is a Nosegay just like the one to the left but it has greenery added to it. Notice how much more it shows in front of the white dress. This same Bouquet can be made using any color rose.

We call this a Large Round. It is a bit larger than a Nosegay. This works well for taller brides or if you want to use larger flowers like the Stargazers. This is shown with Purple Lisianthus, Sterling Roses.



Here we show the bride with a nosegay of Lilies and Roses with a matching single Clutch. You can also do a double or triple Clutch. A larger version of the Clutch is called a Presentation style bouquet.

To the left is a Large Round with White and Lavender Dendrobiums Orchids, some White Fresia, a Gardenia and Coral Roses. There is Leather Leaf used for greenery also. Click on photo to see an enlargement.


This is a Nosegay with White Lilies, Blue Iris, Dendrobium Orchids and Baby's Breath. Often we us Hydrangers for a light Blue accent.



Periwinkle Blue is a very popular color this year. Here it is shown with a Blue Iris for contrast. There are White Oriental Lilies and Gardenias in this bouquet also and a bow has been added.


This is a Tropical Nosegay! Look how it adds to the photo of the heart in the sand. Bright colors are always great for your photos! Price: Small $95, Medium $145, and Large $155.



The above is a Lavender and White Cascade. It is made with Casablanca Lilies, Sterling Roses and Dendrobium Orchids. There are also Baby's Breath and Greens added through.   Here we have a Cascade with Red, Bright Pink, White and Dark Purple. This was a little more expensive as there were a lot of roses added to it.

Above you see a very large Cascade made with Stargazers, Red Roses, White Dendrobiums and Italian Ruskus. Click on photo to see enlargement. Use back button to return.




This is a Cascading Bouquet with mostly White and it has Stargazers and Bright Pink Roses for an accent of color.   The same groom is wearing a Maile Lei. It is a very Hawaiian tradition. It is also a keepsake that will dry nicely so you will want to take it home.


This is a Cascading Bouquet!
It is made with vibrant tropical flowers and you could not ask for more color than this shows. It includes Antherium, Ginger, Protea, Orchids, and greens.




This is a Hand Tied Nosegay with Pink Stargazer Lily, White Calla Lily, Pink Roses and some Bear Grass! Price: $175   Same as Bouquet on the left only with White Cymbidiums added!   This photo shows the Stargazer Lily very well. It is a very popular flower. The brides Mom is wearing a Corsage made from Catalaya Orchids.


This gorgeous bouquet is made with Flame Callas, Red Roses and Orange Lilys. It is hand tied and is wrapped with a sage green ribbon.
Click on photo to the right to see enlargement.




Shown here is an Antherium Cascade with Red Heart Shaped Antheriums. It can be done in pinks and greens as well. Click on photo to see an enlargement!

Price: $165.00


This is a Red All Rose Nosegay with Baby's Breath and stems. Also shown are Loose Dendrobiums for the hair.   This is a typical Boutonniere. It is made with some greens, a Rose, a Dendrobium Orchid and a little Baby's Breath. Every Lapel should have one. $12.50

Kukui Nut Lei


Here you see a Kukui Nut Lei with Ti Leaf and Shells. It is very Masculine and perfect for any man or boy attending the wedding. Makes a great keepsake to take home. It just has to be inspected at the airport. Kukui Nuts can be Black, Brown or Ivory. Shells can be Green, Yellow or Ivory.

Click photo to see an enlargement!
Price: $35.00


To the right you see a Gardenisa Hair Flower. On the left you see a Hair Crescent.

If you wear your Hair Flower on the left it means you are taken. On the right means you are available.

Hair Flower: $20.00
Hair Crescet: $28.00



This is a colorful set of bouquets
and it is not made with tropicals!

This is a long cascade with Casablanca Lilys, white Dendrobiums, and bright pink Roses! The greenery is Italian Ruskus.

This Nosegay is made mostly of White Cymbidium Orchids with pink throats and it has a little pink wax flower and a little delphinium in it as well.

Price: $175.00



This Large Cascading Bouquet is mostly made up of Burgundy and Green Cymbidium Orchids. There are also Bells of Ireland and White Dendrobium Orchids as well. The Boutonniere is also small Green Cymbidiums. Click the close up to see enlargement. Use your back button to return.


Here is a Yellow Cymbium and Burgundy Calla Lily Long Cascade with Verigated Greens and Bear Grass.




This is a Cascade made with Gardenias, Sterling Roses, Blue Curiosa Roses, Stephanotis and Calla Lilys. For greens we used Bear Grass.


This is a large round bouquet made with mostly green Cymbicium Orchids, Gardenias and Italian Ruskus. It was very pretty. She wore a Gardenia Hair Flower to match. He is wearing the traditional Maile Lei.



This Bouquet will last forever! It is completely made of shells and is perfect for your beach wedding! We added a little greenery like Bells of Ireland, which can be removed easily after your wedding.

Price: $295
Boutonniere to match: $25

Here we show you a Nosegay made with Cymbidium Orchids, White Roses and Purple Dendrobium Orchids and Baby's Breath.

Price: $155


To the left we have a small nosegay made mostly of orchids. Cymbidium, Dendrobiums, and the popular Popcorn Orchid (Oncidiums Orchid). Price: $85.00

To the right we have a very colorful Cascading Bouquet with a lot of bright colors. The Pink and Purple flowers are Lisianthus.


This is a bit unusual but really worked well. Flowers were attached both to the front of the dress and the straps. It actually looked really nice as you can see.

The Dress yolk starts at $155.00

Here you see a wedding arch decorated to match a bridal parties flowers. This was done with peach and coral.


This is a typical centerpiece with a candle and done to match the wedding flowers you see right above.



This is a similar match in yellow and blue!

This is a matched Wedding Arch
and a table centerpiece. The bright colors make it very beautiful!

 Flowered Wedding Arch

$500.00 and up
Not available on the beach!
Must be on solid ground!



 A Hawaiian Carriage

Arrive in style at your wedding ceremony! Be carried in by four strong Hawaiians in Lava Lavas!

$800 as shown
4 Strong Men Included!

Click on photo to see enlargement!

 The Ring of Flowers can be done in a circle or heart shape! Only the couple should be standing in the ring. It is tabu for the minister to do so! 



Shown here is a Ring of Flowers and a Bamboo Arch. Click on photo to the left to see an enlargement. To the right you see a typical arrangement made for the Arch.



Here you see tiki torches with flowers arranged in them. It adds a nice touch to the isle! Also shown with petals. The torch arrangements are also nice with a lot of greens and are great for an isle on the beach.

$95 and up



Here you can see how we match the Bride's and Bridemaid's bouquet. This one is lavender, pink, blue and white. The Bride is holding a Cascade and the Bridesmaid is holding a Nosegay to match.

This is a set of matching bouquets made with the ever popular Gerbera Daisy! The greens in this arrangement are called Lemon Leaf.



The Gerbera is shown here with no greens or bow and it is also hand tied.




On the left we have a nosegay in pastel colors with Daisies, Stock, Hydranger, Roses and Greenery.

On the right we have all White Bouquet with roses and lilys backed with Lemon Leaf. Please notice how the white blends in with the dress. If it were not for the greenery the Bouquet would not even show. It would just blend right into the dress. You need to consider this when you order your wedding flowers.



This is a large Nosegay with Protea and Stargazers along with some Queen Ann's Lace and other greenery. It is very gorgeous and went really well with the Bridesmaids cranberry colored dresses!


This is what we call presentation style. It is made with Stargazer Lilys and has a nice bow to hold the stems. This can be made with just about any kind of flower that has a strong stem. Often we make it with Roses.




This is a Triple Clutch made with Tulip Antherium. It is very inexpensive and quite gorgeous! It also has Ti Leaves behind the Antherium and a nice bow to finish it off.


To the right you see a beautiful nosegay made with tropical flowers. The yellow flower is a Cymbidium Orchid and the little white flower you see is Stephenotis.

Price: 145.00
Hand Tied: $155.00


Price: $35.00 with Petals
To the left is a wicker Flower Girl Basket. It is usually white with bows and it can be done in any pastel color or ivory. It is filled with petals to match your wedding flowers. To the right is a Lauhala Basket with a Rosette. It is green when it is fresh but you can also use it dry. When dried it is a light tan color. Bows can be added as well. Click picture to see an enlargement.

$35.00 without Petals


This is a Lauhala Ring Pillow! This is what the basket above will resemble when it dries.

Price: $45.00

Montera Leaves make great placemats for a reception in Maui.

$5.00 each


 Cake Decorating

Maui Flower Shop can decorate your cake! Nothing is more beatiful and very much in style, than a cake decorated to match your floral bouquet!This is a typical cake decoration. Here it was designed to match the brides tropical bouquet. We always use greenery. This was done mostly with Cymbidium Orchids. They come in many colors.

Price: Can Vary
Mixed flowers would be less
expensive than roses for example.


Click on either photo to see an enlargement! Shown here are centerpieces for a reception table. This is a Long and Low style with two rounds on either end.

Large Long and Low: $195.00
Medium Long and Low: $165.00
Round Centerpiece: $85.00 to $125



Please visit the Table of Contents to browse through our entire flower and gift basket shop! If you would like to place an order just call our toll free number below or send us an email and we will contact you back!


Single Gardenia.......................$22.00 Tuberose Leis.............................$20.00  
Double Gardenia.....................$29.00 Maile Leis...................................$85.00  
Crescent Hair Flower...............$32.00 Maile Leis with flowers................$125.00  
Haku.......................................$95.00 Corsage.......................................$28.00  
Loose Dendrobiums for Hair.......$10.00 Boutonnieres.................................$10.50  
CLUTCH BOUQUETS  Exaggerated Boutonniere................$12.50  
Single Clutch..........................$29.95 Flower Girl Basket wi Petals.........$35.00  
Double Clutch.........................$34.95 Pew Bows....................................$8.00  
Triple Clutch..........................$39.95 Anklet.........................................$22.00  

White Lattice or Bamboo- 

Wedding Arch with Flowers........$500.00  

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