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What is Protea?

Proteas do not die! They dry! The Protea PRO-tee-uh, or the ‘Hawaiianized’ version PRO-tay-uh) is one of the oldest of the flowering plants dating back over 300 million years. Most Proteas originated in southern Africa and Australia. While there are over 1500 varieties in the wild, only 20-30 make up the majority of commercially grown varieties. Protea comes from the Greek god Proteus who had the unique ability to change shape, a very appropriate name for this incredible, extraordinarily diverse family of flowers. We would love to share some of the unusual exotic beauty of the magnificent Protea blossoms that grow so well on Maui's mountain farms. Click on photot to right to see and enlargement.





These flowers can be difficult to get at some times of the year but are available most of the time.

Here we shop a few more varieties of Pin Cushion Protea and other beauitiful tropicals! Click on the photo to the left to see an enlargement! They are just amazing!


 What is a Heliconia?

As briefly as possible, they are banana-likeplants which produce a brightly colored set of bracts which most people think are the flowers but they are not. The true flower is tucked inside the bract or flower boat. The bracts come in upright form almost like a claw or hand and as pendant or hanging forms. These are quite large in size.


 What is Ginger?

To the left you see mostly different varieties of Ginger. There is a large protea in the lower right corner which is known as a King Protea. Then of course there is the Pink Ginger.


 What are Antheriums?

Antheriums come in a variety of sizes and last a very long time. They have an almost fake look to them but they are very real and very beautiful. They come in a variety of colors. There are green, pinks, reds and multi colored as you see in this picture. These range in sizes from 3 t 6 inches.


 What are Tulip Antheriums?

Tulip Antheriums are smaller and a little finer then the regular Antheriums. They range from 1 and a 1/2 inches to 3 inches and come in Lavendar, Pinks and White. They are great in wedding bouquets.


 What is the Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise is a large almost fake looking flower. It resembles a bird and therefore the name applies.It is fabulous in flower arrangements but not good for a bridal bouquet due to the fact that it is not soft enough looking or small enough to fit well. There is a smaller flower that resembles it that is sometimes used for bouquets.

 What are Dendrobium Orchids?

With a year long growing season, this flower ships well in cold weather as well as warm and makes a perfect flower for shipping in the winter months. Each spray is about 12 inches long, with roughly 20 orchid blossoms, each about 2 inches across. Comes in purples, green and white. Dendrobium orchids used to be considered exotic and extravagant but in recent years they have become much more widely available. They still ooze glamour and elegance, with just a couple of stems adding a sophisticated touch to a room


 What is Ti Leaf?

Ti Leaves come in a beautiful shade of Burgundy as well as green. They are often used in arrangements and Hula Girls make skirts from them for dancing. They are plentiful here in Hawaii and they are also used to make a mock Maile Lei.

Care of Tropical Flowers
Upon receiving the shipped flowers, unpack immediately and immerse the entire stem in room temperature water for approximately ten minutes. Cut one quarter inch off the bottom of the stem with a sharp knife. DO NOT REFRIGERATE. Below 55 degrees, tropicals suffer from cold injury. Encourage humidity and discourage sunlight, air conditioning or drafts. Otherwise, the flowers will dry and curl at the edges. Vases do need to be scrupulously clean. Clean water free of bacteria and algae is the most crucial component in keeping tropicals fresh and long lasting. Putting a half teaspoon of bleach in the water and changing the water every four or five days will help prolong their freshness.

Please call us to place your order!
Toll Free: (800) 788-1214

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