Maui Flower Shop Ships Tropicals and Protea!
Choose from the samples you see below and we will ship the cut flowers directly to you in a box with a tray to make your own arrangement in. All flowers are fresh cut and shipped with the best of care. Normally it takes two days to get to the Mainland. These type of tropical flowers last for quite a long time. When they arrive you will want to trim a little of the stems before arranging. Let us know if you wish to include a tray for arranging. Click on any photo to see an enlargement! To return just click on your back button.



 Menehune Mix
Short Orchid Sprays

No tray included!

Price: $60.00


 Pastel Anthuriums
1 dozen large Pastel Anthuriums
Sm. Bamboo Burgundy Ti Leaves
2 Anthurium Leaves
2 Licopodium

Price: $75.00


Sunset Passion

The famous large-flowered Obake Anthuriums, splashed with Birds of Paradise, Ginger, Parrot's Beak Heliconia and Dendrobium Orchids. Accenting greens.

Price: $75.00


 Tropical Pastels

18 large hybridAnthuriums
5 sprays of orchids
5 large seasonal tropical flowers. Miscellaneous greens
A free Gift Card included.

Want to say “Aloha” to the most important person in the world? Send this arrangement".

Price: $110.00


Tropical Sunset

This arrangement is made with Red Anthuriums, Bird of Paradise and some Dendorbium Orchids. The greens
are Ti Leaf.

Price: $65.00


 Tropical Passion

A unique assortment of tropicals including Birds of Paradise Ginger, Beehive Ginger, Heliconia, Bromeliad and Calathea flowers. Unusual foliage is also included.

Send some romance with a Tropical Passion bouquet.

Price: $95.00
This tray with Oasis is available with the shipment for an additional $12.00. This will enable the person receiving your gift to make the arrangement easily if they do not have what is needed.


Please note that we can customise any arrangement that you might need. Try to give us a couple of days notice before your shipping date, especially if it is needed over a weekend. Remember that Fed Ex does not deliver on the weekends. Weekend deliveries should always be planned for a Friday arrival.


What is Protea?

Proteas do not die! They dry! The Protea PRO-tee-uh, or the ‘Hawaiianized’ version PRO-tay-uh) is one of the oldest of the flowering plants dating back over 300 million years. Most Proteas originated in southern Africa and Australia. While there are over 1500 varieties in the wild, only 20-30 make up the majority of commercially grown varieties. Protea comes from the Greek god Proteus who had the unique ability to change shape, a very appropriate name for this incredible, extraordinarily diverse family of flowers. We would love to share some of the unusual exotic beauty of the magnificent Protea blossoms that grow so well on Maui's mountain farms. Protea is available for shipping most of the year but is somewhat seasonal. Call for availability.





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