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Specialty Flower Leis
The Hawaiian Symbol of Aloha and Love!
Most leis dry very well and they make a wonderful keepsake!
The Specialty Leis below start at $35.00! Price is seasonal.

 Maile Lei
with Pikaki

Fragrant and green maile leaves are traditionally worn by on special occaisions. Comes with plain or with flowers entwined. Shown here with Pikaki. Tuberose also works as well.

 Pikaki Lei

Pikaie flowers resemble pearls and have a heavenly fragrance. This is the strongest smelling flower in Hawaii. They are seasonal.

 Crown Flower Lei

Crown flowers come in lavender or white and can be worn with or without the petals. It has no fragrance.

Orchid Lei

The dainty dendrobium orchid comes in white, purple and lavender and is often made double thick. Available all year.

Orchid Lei

White or purple vanda orchids are stacked with their petals lined up to create this beautiful lei. It is a very beautiful lei.

 Ilima Lei

Thousands of paper-thin ilima flower petals of yellow-orange are carefully strung together. These leis were once only worn by the Ali'i (royalty).  

 Cigar Flower

Cigar flowers leis are made of hundreds of tiny orange-red flowers strung in a rope-like style. These leis are usually worn by men. 

Ginger Lei

The fragrant ginger flower is woven with the stems forming a delicate lace-like pattern on the inside with the blossoms on the outside. Available all year.

Fancy Ti Leaf Lei or Hat Band
Try to imagine how much work goes into this Lei! The beauty is that they dry just as gorgeous!
Price: $55.00


Shown here as a Hat Band

Close up of a Ti Leaf Rose

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