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About Funeral Flowers

There comes time in every person's life where funeral flowers must be purchased. These flowers are typically purchased when a close family member, a distant family member, or a friend passes away. There is a misconception that funeral flowers are similar to traditional flower arrangements. While many arrangements are similar there are also additional flower arrangement designs available.

Funeral flowers are purchased for all different reasons. One of the most common reasons is for a friend or relative to express sympathy to the family of the individual who passed away. These funeral flowers are most often purchased in a vase, bouquet, or in a basket. It is not uncommon for flower baskets to be accompanied with small sympathy gifts.

While funeral flower arrangements are often sent as an expression of sympathy there is another reason why they are purchased. Funeral flowers are most often purchased for decoration purposes at a calling hours, funerals, and cemetery burials. It is common for traditional bouquets, baskets, and flower vases to be purchased; however, there are additional designs available for this purpose.

Casket sprays are a particular arrangement of funeral flowers. They are designed for display on a casket. A casket spray can come in a wide variety of different styles and sizes; however, it is most common for this arrangement to cover half of a casket. Casket sprays are often made with roses, carnations, daisies, and other flower combinations.

To symbolize hope, faith, love, and religion there are many family members who purchase a cross flower arrangement for funeral services. These crosses typically come in a medium to large size; however, just about any size can be made by a florist. A cross flower arrangement is made with a combination of different colored flowers to create an absolutely beautiful display of funeral flowers.

Funeral flowers can also be displayed in a wreath arrangement. There are a number of different wreath arrangements designed for funerals or church services. Many of these wreaths are displayed on an easel at a funeral service. Many florists offer a selection of floral wreaths, but it is possible to have an arrangement custom made.

While funeral flowers are most often purchased for funeral decorations it is possible to purchase funeral flowers arrangements specifically for a funeral casket. There are many individuals who are buried with a small assortment of flowers. These funeral flowers are most often referred to as casket adornments.

A casket adornment, like all other funeral flowers, can come in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, and styles. Many times a casket adornment is a small bouquet of flowers placed on each corner of a casket. Other times these flower arrangements are placed inside the casket. It is not uncommon to see a pillow flower arrangement or a casket border made with a selection of funeral flowers.

The above mentioned flower arrangements are a just a few of the many funeral flowers that can be purchased to extend sympathy or be used at a funeral. It is important to remember that the selection of flowers will all depend on where the flowers are purchased from. Many florists are willing to custom make funeral flower arrangements while others are not. If you would like to personalise or custom design an arrangement just give us a call. Here in Hawaii we have access to many beautiful tropical flowers as well as what is available on the mainland.

Casket Sprays
Appropriate For Immediate Family




Aunts, Uncles, Friends

Rosaries for Inside Casket
Immediate Family

Appropriate for Aunts,
Uncles and Friends

Appropriate for Aunts, Uncles and Friends



 Small $175
Medium: $250
Large $300

Easel: $20

Ribbon with Lettering
$.25 per letter

Large Sprays



Appropriate for Nephews, Nieces and Friends




 Funeral Flower Etiquette

Funeral etiquette regarding flowers and what, if anything, to send relatives of the deceased appears daunting but is, in truth, far simpler than most at first think.

The sending of floral tributes and the presence of flowers and plants in your name to a funeral, cremation or a memorial service serves many purposes. The expression “flower power” springs to mind as the grace and natural beauty of flowers speaks volumes of your sentiment: offering comfort; an expression of kindness and a token of respect to both the deceased and family members.

Anyone may send flowers to the service on behalf of yourself, your family, your friends or a set of acquaintances, be it through work or play. We trust that this breakdown in relationship to the deceased helps you determine what to send in terms of flowers:

•The spouse will, if it is a funeral, usually have the honor of choosing the flowers to be placed upon the casket. If it is a memorial service or a service following a cremation, the spouse will provide the flowers adorning the cremation urn or the focal floral piece at the service;

•Children of the deceased for a funeral may provide standing sprays on easels placed at either end of the casket. If the deceased has no spouse, the children have the honor of the casket flowers. For other services, children may provide sprays or funeral baskets of flowers;

•Grandchildren often wish to recognize their grandparent in the form of a single piece to represent them all. At a funeral this is often placed inside the casket such as a small bouquet for a grandmother’s hands or, for a grandfather, a hinge spray;

•Siblings of the deceased, being blood relatives, are offered the privilege of placing flowers close to the casket or the cremation urn. The nature of these may be in the form of a standing spray or funeral basket;

•Other blood relations, such as a cousin, often provide a funeral basket; and
•Friends and (former) colleagues may wish to recognize the deceased with flowers in the form of a funeral basket or, depending upon the number of persons involved, a standing spray.

The meaning of Colour!

 White Sympathy Flowers
As clean and pristine as a fresh winter snowstorm, white blossoms symbolise innocence and purity of love, and create a classic presentation that is pure elegance in its simplicity. All-white funeral flowers will help to create an atmosphere of perfect serenity.

 Pink Sympathy Flowers
Pink is the colour of youth, innocence and femininity. Pink roses represent friendship and lifelong devotion, while the addition of mixed pink blossoms to an arrangement of sympathy flowers is pleasing to the eye, and will send a message of hope and harmony.

 Red Sympathy Flowers
Brilliant red funeral flowers create a vivid presentation and communicate fidelity to all in attendance. Red roses honour enduring love and convey heartfelt prayers – and vibrant, colourful red blooms can add a joyful note of remembrance to the service.

 Yellow Sympathy Flowers
Yellow sympathy flowers will bring a touch of sunshine inside and lighten peoples hearts. Lemon-, butter- and gold-hued blossoms pay tribute to a generous spirit and represent renewal, comfort and friendship. An uplifting way to offer your condolences.

 Lavender Sympathy Flowers
For a graceful display that embodies pure elegance, lavender funeral flowers send a message of pride, dignity and admiration. A bouquet of purple and lavender blooms sent to the home will show sympathy – and act as a touching display of loyalty and affection.

Orange Sympathy Flowers
 For a graceful display that embodies pure elegance, lavender funeral flowers send a message of pride, dignity and admiration. A bouquet of purple and lavender blooms sent to the home will show sympathy – and act as a touching display of loyalty and affection.

 Peach Sympathy Flowers
The colour peach is rich, warm and sentimental; and the addition of peach roses or a sprinkling of peach blossoms in a standing spray, casket spray or a bouquet of sympathy flowers speaks of traditionalism, a gentle heart and a life dedicated to duty and devotion.

 Green Sympathy Flowers
Soothing green tones represent the cycle of life; and the presence of funeral flowers in chartreuse and pale green – as well as the addition of foliage – signifies renewal and optimism. Green plants sent to the home will last long after the services are over.

Popular Sympathy Messages
•Popular Sympathy Messages
•With deepest sympathy
•In loving memory
•With heartfelt condolences
•You are in our thoughts and prayers.
•My thoughts and prayers are with you.
•Thinking of you in these difficult times
•With deepest sympathy on your loss
•With loving thoughts to comfort you at this time
•Please know our loving thoughts embrace you.
•Please accept these flowers and hear the words we

 Most Funeral Deliveries are $5.00

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