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Some of the Balloons below are very large. Regular Mylar Balloons run about 18 inches long and most Latex Balloons are 11 inches in size. Special Occaission Balloons do vary from time to time. There is a new Bubble Balloon! It is a large clear bubble and is gorgeousl! Price is $10.95.

Of course we carry all colors of the latex balloons! To be sure of large quantity orders, please order a week in advance. 


$5.95 each

18" High - $5.25

35" High - $9.95








$1.35 each

11 Inches High - $1.35

42 Inches High - $8.95

$1.35 each

18" High - $4.95

18" High - $4.95

 $1.75 each

Balloon prices do not include delivery or tax and are added on to the price of your arrangement! If you just want a bunch of balloons delivered we do have a bunch that would include 3 Mylar and 9 Latex Balloons for $65.00. We can also attach the balloons to a small stuffed animal like a bear or bunny for an additional $15.00. Larger stuffed animals would have to be quoted. Please be aware that the Maui Hospital will not allow Latex Balloons in. Mylar is alright but not Latex.

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