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Tropical Arrangements

Hawaii's gorgeous tropical flowers are very popular throughout the world. We can arrange to deliver an arrangement for you here on Maui or send a box of tropicals anywhere you might like to have them delivered. Maui's flowers are very hardy and ship well. Visit our shipping page for more information.

Delivery on the West and South side of Maui is $15.00. Most deliveries to Kihei and Wailea will be in the afternoon. For Hotel deliveries we have to charge an additional $5.00 for the Bell Person to place it in the room. Upcountry and Paia delivery is $20, and Huelo and Haiku are $25. Other areas must call for a quote.

We can normally deliver any of our arrangements in 48 hours. If a rush is needed there will be an additional charge of $25.00. Please try to order in advance. Special, more expensive vases can be ordered if the person lives here and does not have to worry about getting the vase home. We pride ourselves in delivering a memorable, meaningful gift for all of our clients. We do not even want to do the ordinary kind of arrangements or gift baskets you usually see.

Add a great card to your gift. One of our favourite cards is when we take a photograph of the arrangement and make a full size card of it so that when the flowers are long gone they will always have a photo of it to remember your gift. The price for this beautiful card is only $3.00.

The Giant Tropicals - Our Favourites
Click on arrangements to see enlargement!

These arrangements are approximately 4 to 5 feet tall and are in a large, heavy, quality vase. We use different kinds of large Heliconia, Large Bird of Paradise, Orchids, and Antherium. It is always backed with large fern, Monstera Leaves or other tropical greenery depending what is avaiable. It is finshed with a Raffia Bow. Click on flower photos above to see an enlargement! They are great for any larger home or resort on Maui and definetly make a statement. Price: $95.00 to $125.00.




Large Tropicals

Here we show a Large Bright Tropical arrangement with Pin Cushion, Cymbidium Orchids and other Hawaiian flowers. To the right you see a Keepsake Card that is a photo of the arrangement so that long after your gift is gone the keepsake photo will still be there to remind the recipient of your beautiful gift! Just let us know the message you would like us to add to your card. Click on the card photo to the right to see an enlargement!

Price: Large: $165.00
Approximately 3 to 3 and 1/2 feet tall
Medium: $145.00
2 to 2 and 1/2 feet tall.
Due to the size of these flowers small is not an option!
Card to Match: $3.00


Shown here are ceramic vases with Haliconia, King Protea, Pin Cushion Protea, Antherium, Ti Leaf, Croton, and Areka Palm. These arrangemets are usually one sided but can be done in round as well for an additional $25.00. Round is prefered when the arrangement would be placed in the center of a room ore foyer.Click most photos below to see an enlargement! Includes 8 to 10 varieties.



These Large Tropicals are unique in that they have over 16 different types of Protea and Tropicals included in them! Click on photo to the right to see an enlargement!

Price: $165




These arrangements are 4 feet tall and have flowers added.. Click on photo to take a closer look! Red Hibiscus hedge in the background is not included.




These are Medium Sized Tropical Arrangements in a Medium sized pot. They are a little over 2 feet in height. Click on photo to the right to see an enlargement.



These are large sized Tropical Arrangement. As you can see there are a lot of varieties of gorgeous tropical flowers here on Maui to work with. You may click on the photo to see an enlargement of this arrangement!


Here you see a tall arrangement that is beautifull from all sides. Could be used in a center hall of the center of any table. It is approximately 4 feet in height.

Click on photo to see enlargement!


Click to see an enlargement!

To the left you see a long and low centerpiece made with Protea. It is about 12 inches high and 36 inches in length. This arrangement for here on Maui is


This arrangement can be shipped but the cost to ship this weight is about $95.00.

To the right is a one sided table arrangement in mostly greens, whites and purple. There is a touch of yellow to make it pop. We used Tulip Antheriums, Tuberose and purple Dendrobium Orchids. At the base we used Monstera Leaves. It is approximately 2 feet tall.


Click to see an enlargement!

Full Grapevine
Protea Wreath
Approximately 14"
$135 plus delivery

20" Available for
$265 plus delivery


Partial Grapevine
Protea Wreath
$125 plus delivery

This makes a nice centerpiece for a large table.
Approximately 36" long.


These are all one dozen Red Roses with Baby's Breath. A bow was added for a finishing touch! Click on far right photo to see an enlargement!

Price: $95.00



To the right you see one dozen long stemmed Red Roses with Baby's Breath and lots of greens. These roses are a little longer then the ones above. A white bow was added. On the left is a two dozen rose bouquet.

Click here to see enlargement.

One Dozen Long Stem
Price: $135.00
Two Dozen: $225.00



 Large Tropical Arrangement

This is a large airy arrangement and includes a varitety of tropicals and greenery. These flowers will last for quite a long time.

Price: $125.00

This tropical arrangement can be done in 3 different sizes. This shown to the right is $105.00. We can do a medium for $95 and a small for $75. The small would be in a rounder shape.

It includes Antherium, Ginger and Dendrobium Orchids.



Orchids are very popular with everyone. We start with a quality vase and combine 3 or 4 different Orchids in an Orchid Medium. This gift will go on and on forever. It is shown on the left in the large size and on the right in medium size with a Bow.

Small: $95.00
Medium: $125.00
Large: $145.00





This is a beautiful tall vase with special Large Antheriums in a gorgeous arrangement! It is really a work of art! this arrangement can last for a couple of weeks due to the stamina of this Antherium. Click on photo to see an enlargement.

(depends on availability)

Shown here are variety of the pots
and vases we use depending on availability! We do not use plastic!

These special vases are approximately 9 inches in height. They are really pretty with a spring arrangement or an arrangement of green Antheriums. Click on photo to see enlargement.

 Add On

If you would like to add a dish of wonderful Chocolate Covered Strawberries to go along with any arrangement we have 3 sizes. They come in a heart shaped dish and the number of Strawberries included depends on the size of the dish and the berries. Click photo to see an enlargement!

Starts at $35.00 for a small dish.

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