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There are many different ways to decorate the Flowered Wedding Arch! Lots of greens add to the fullness and you will want to match the flowers to your wedding flowers. There are locations where an Arch might be needed and very appropriate. There are other locations where it will not work well. For instance the Arch should not be set up at the beach. Beaches are public and the Arch is an intrusion on other people that might be enjoying the scenery. It is also very dangerous. Sometimes there can be some pretty large gusts of wind and the Arch could tip over and injure someone.

It is appropriate in a private location or a location where there is not a lot of flowers or greenery. Your consultant should be able to advise you on this matter.

After your ceremony the flowers can be removed and used for your reception or buffet tables if you like.



Price: $500.00
(includes delivery and set up)

For the Arch flowers only it would be $150 for each section when doing the top and 2 sides!
They come with the wires to attach.
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